Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DAYS 1 and 2 and part of 3...

Ow. My legs are killing me...and it feels phenomenal!! Day one was basically a full day of working out. I went to the gym for an hour and then came home and did my cardio stretch/dance. I also found it is really fun to sing while doing this :) Grabbed a healthy lunch and went to my parents house to hang out for awhile. Now on the way some kids where holding a bake sale for the Haitian orphans....HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO ORPHANS??? There also may have been cupcakes invloved....but i got one for my sister who and another to share with mom. So not to bad and it was the only sweet I had all day. Every monday night I teach a line dancing club at the elks club and it is a total blast if anyone wants to come out (cheap food, cheap drinks and 3 bucks for lessons!) When i first started line dancing about 5 years ago...I dropped about 25 pounds going 3 days a week and nothing else. So it is quite a workout. Stayed under my calories for the day. Good way to start it off.

Day 2 we are not even going to address....I was out of town all day....not good...but not bad....but We will just leave it at that.

Today started great. Did my new favorite program. If you go to they have all sorts of amazing free workout videos. My favorite is the 40 minute make me the end of it I am sweating, my muscles are screaming at me....The trainer is awesome. By the end of I was saying to myself "Ashley! Its a plank...get up and do it....its just a stupid plank" So that combined with Jyllian Michaels....i actually might get somewhere!

I also found another great site Its a free on-line calorie and food journal. You have the option of signing up with a nutritionist but Im broke so I am my own nutritionist. Technology is awesome....makes this all easier!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Alright, I'm really doing it this time. Im taking care of me. So today begins Project:ME! My goal is to make me a better person in every aspect of life. Physically, mentally and spiritually. So today the diet starts. Im not doing anything fancy just common sense stuff. Lots of fresh made meals, smaller portions. When I was in England I dropped weight like it was nothing and it was cause I was eating fresher smaller portions and active. So also the gym starts today. Once i get into the habit Ill be fine but I just gotta start it!

So heres the Goals:
Weight Loss: Twenty pounds.
Keep a Journal
Personal scripture study:Picking a theme for the year and really getting to know it.
Gym:5 times a week
Diabetes really get control

So Im going to use my blog as a check in. I'll do better if i have to check in with someone or something! So here it goes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

25 years...

This sunday I will officially be a quarter of a century...I have never made a bucket here it goes. 25 things for 25 years!

1. Live in New York
2. Visit Greece
3. See the Grand Canyon
4. Go fishing
5. Ride a real bull
6. Sing Taylor the Latte Boy to some unsuspecting starbucks employee
7. Write a book
8. Run a marathon
9. Backpack across Europe
10. See the Moscow Moscow
11. Learn to Sew
12. Swim with the Dolphins
13. Pick Apples in Julian and make my own pie
14. Do the Mormon trail trek
15. learn to make creme brulee
16. See the Pyramids
17. Visit Jerusalem
18. Play the Guitar
19. Go Hunting
20. Try every single flavor of Jelly Bellies
21. Go to the Olympics
22. Have a garden
23. Go to the Ben and Jerrys Factory
24. Go on a cattle drive
25. Learn to Fly a plane

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stop the world! I want to get on!

But Im not sure I can keep up...keep going...Ill jump on next rotation...

Im exhausted. Im happy. Im confused. Im excited. Im angry. Im social. Im hyper. Im alone. Im shy. Im outgoing...and I guess that just means Im living. Somewhere amongst all the craziness life is lived.

I started school again. Im at Palomar and it has been incredibly difficult. Its very much like returning to High School. And for those of you who I went to High School with know how I feel then...But for those of you who didn't...I hate it. It has been so different from my experience at UVSC. The classes are awesome and my professors are great but the actual atmosphere is nuts. But in all of it, I have realized how truly blessed I am. I have somthing to anchor me. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have an amazing family. Phenomenal friends. And even though life often feels like it is running away quicker then I grab it, I realize that I only feel like that because I am in fact running away from life. When I actually stop and look at everything that is going on, Life is happening. I just need to recognize it and embrace it. It may not be the life I think I should have or the life that I thought I would have, but it is still my life and I have every opportunity in front of me I just look for it. Now of course so much of it is all in the Lords timing but that doesnt mean that what Im looking for now isnt in his plan...Its just not yet. So stop looking for what you want and see what he has put in front of you.